D.O.T Certified Medical Examinations

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Scheduled Work-site Visits:

All employees in need of DOT certified physical exams in a given week or month can be seen in a designated block of time within the comfort of their own work place.

In the event an employee is unavailable on the day of the on-site visit, he/she can visit us at any other convenient location we serve to fulfill their medical requirement.


Reduced Downtime:

No more traveling to and waiting at clinics.  Scheduled exams at the worksite keep drivers on the road and out of the waiting room.


Quality Control:

Our registered DOT examiners have liability insurance reducing your risk and exposure. 


Less Paperwork:

Mobile DOT Doc will provide you with one itemized statement for all driver physicals conducted on-site. Having all CDL medical certifications coming from one source reduces paperwork and makes record-keeping easy.


Pre-exam Support:

We promote quality outcomes at your location by providing you and your drivers with tips on what to expect and how to prepare for the CDL physical exam..

Motor Carriers/Companies

By bringing the medical examiner, the equipment, and an examination office to the workplace, your company saves time and money.



"I could not have asked for a more convenient, efficient service. This was the fastest DOT recertification I have ever witnessed!  I will never spend time waiting in another doctor's office again.   The quality and professionalism was second to none."


Benjamin Fernandez

UPS Driver


DOT Certified Medical Examinations

For an appointment call 305-252-9090